Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct primary care?

“Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee.  No fee-for-service payments.  No third party billing.  The defining element of DPC is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider.  Patients have extraordinary access to a physician of their choice, often for as little as $70 per month, and physicians are accountable first and foremost their patients.  DPC is embraced by health policymakers on the left and right and creates happy patients and happy doctors all over the country!”

What are the benefits of direct primary care?

Direct Primary Care allows patients to have increased access to their practitioner. Patients benefit from longer appointment times (usually 30 to 60-minute appointments).  Patients have more options for appointments convenient for them. Patients benefit from having a better relationship with their practitioner.

Who should sign up?

If you are looking for a primary care practitioner that provides holistic care, will sit and listen to your concerns, and advocate for you, then you should sign up with us. Patients, with high-deductible insurance, will benefit greatly from our membership plans. Our plans are also ideal for those without insurance as there is no longer an individual mandate.

Why don't you accept insurance?

Insurance payments rarely cover the full value of an appointment,  and many insurers only pay a portion of fees.  As a result, many doctors’ offices spend time trying to receive full payment. This takes time away from potential appointments to see more patients.  Plus, nurse practitioners are reimbursed at 85% of what a doctor is reimbursed for the same level and complexity of the visit.

How are you different from other primary care offices?

We are the same in that we provide primary care. Some primary care offices only offer in-person services. Other primary care providers only offer online services. We offer both.

What is primary care?

Primary care is usually the first point of contact when a health issue arises, but it also addresses your day-to-day healthcare needs. It is important to have an established relationship with a primary care practitioner for many reasons.  In primary care, we help you with any health concerns you have and help you manage any diseases you have.

What is a nurse practitioner?

“According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP 2016), nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed, autonomous clinicians focused on managing people’s health conditions and preventing disease.

There’s abundant evidence that NPs provide high-quality healthcare. In fact, AANP’s Quality of NP Practice article summarizes evidence that patients under NPs have higher satisfaction, fewer unnecessary ER visits, fewer hospital readmissions, and fewer preventable hospitalizations compared to patients under doctors.”

How do I get started?

Call today to set up an appointment for enrollment. We will walk you through the steps of enrollment, including signing the contract, completing the billing authorization, providing your patient history, and signing a release of information.

How much does it cost to be a member?

There is no enrollment fee. Monthly plans cost $75 per month. Each additional family member costs $35 per month.

How does membership work?

Once you are enrolled, you can see our practitioners at any time.  Most of the time, you can be seen the same day or the next day for your problem. You have the choice for an in-person visit or a virtual visit.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. You will be charged a prorated amount of membership for that month.

How can I request an appointment?

You can request an appointment by calling or texting 860-245-1791, or email You can also schedule an appointment at

How can I change an appointment?

You can change your appointment by simply texting or calling (860-245-1791) to let us know.  We kindly ask for 24 hours notice.

What do I need for a virtual visit?

For a virtual visit, you will need a smartphone with a camera or a computer that has a camera. You do not need to download any apps. Simply go to the patient portal and log in with the information sent to you in your email. Be sure to have good lighting and minimal distractions. We suggest using earbuds or headphones for privacy.

What’s the difference between the website and the patient portal?

The website address is The website is for public information and has a link to the patient portal. The patient portal is only for patients who have a membership plan. You will be granted access to the patient portal after you register.

If I have blood work or an x-ray, when will I get the results?

You will get your results within 24 hours from the time the office receives them.

How do I get my medicines refilled?

Simply call or text us at 860-245-1791 to get your medicine refilled. Refills are typically completed within 24 hours.

What lab do you use?

We are registered with Quest Lab and LabCorp, but patients have the choice of which lab they would like to use and can use a different lab. Patients also have the choice to pay the cash price for labs or they can use their insurance.

What are my choices for pharmacies?

You can use any pharmacy you would like.  Unfortunately, there is a significant price discrepancy from one pharmacy to the next. In order to give you the most cost-effective prescription, you will have the option to use an online pharmacy that provides price transparency.  Two such pharmacies include Marley Drug ( and honeybee health (

Do you provide gynecological care?

Yes, we provide gynecological care. We perform routine Well Woman exams as well as birth control counseling and prescribing. We also offer screening, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Do you offer remote patient monitoring?

Yes, we offer remote patient monitoring. Patients will need to purchase the appropriate equipment, but then we are able to see important information that will allow us to monitor your condition remotely.  Then you will not have to come into the office to be seen when your symptoms worsen. We can manage you from home.